We have over 20 years of experience in innovative LED display indoor and outdoor advertising, with logistic support to deliver you our products and services anywhere in the EU.

We are a passionate team of people who relentlessly pursue quality in everything we do. We know that when businesses and organizations succeed and grow, it’s better for everyone.

We believe that a LED screen must be an enrichment and not an obstacle. Therefore, we work with a smart thought-out screen that can easily be installed, and never gets in the way.

We are specialists with a large uniform rental fleet. We have a solution for every application. Together with you, we think how your message will come across at its best. With a LED screen by screenz.eu you choose for convenience. We install a functioning installation, and assure you that you can adjust the content anywhere in the world by means of our CMS-system, of which can by logged on via our website.

Screenz LED Technologies

Screenz d.o.o.
Obrtnička 14,
10431 Sveta Nedelja,

tel: +385 0800 2079
email: info@screenz.eu
Screenz GmbH
Golfstrasse 5a,
A-8077 Gössendorf

tel: +43(0)664 944 7055
email: info@screenz.eu
Screenzled Holding Ltd
Highwood Road, CM1 3PT,
Chelmsford, Essex

tel: 01245 421303
email: info@screenzled.co.uk
web: www.screenzled.co.uk
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The first commercial display with a seamless splice
A 3d holographic display, straight from the future
Innovative in-store LED solutions
Our best selling, light and versatile indoor led screen
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