Bad LED Screen – Nothing to write home about

Do you sometimes walk past a turned off LED screen or a half-correct one and think how unnecessary and inconspicuous it is?
Has it ever occurred to you that such a faulty screen serves no purpose other than to make the space and the environment inconspicuous?
Choosing Led technology is no easy task; supply is large and budgets are limited.
When supplying Led technology, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the future Led screen must be reliable. After all, we expect reliability from a car, a new espresso pot, a vacuum cleaner and even a simple paper clip. The market flooded with Led technology can be misleading with this investment, which is certainly not in the range of buying a paper clip, and it is necessary to determine the steps on the way from buying Led technology to the reliability it will provide. Also, the resolution of the screen itself when buying from an unreliable brand can end up buying too low a resolution which is very often the case and difficult to determine at the start of the purchase and when the LED screen is set, people say: past grandmother with cakes. One more detail: when buying, the parts of the Led cabinet that make up the Led screen cannot be determined, so even though everything seems okay at the beginning, that you got a pile of garbage, you will realize too late.


The Unilumin brand is ahead of all other brands with its quality and reliability. After all, Unilumin Led technology equips the Olympic Games for the opening ceremony itself, which the whole world is waiting for as a special attraction, which is in itself a category of Olympic reference and reliability. Although this Led technology is present at other sporting events such as the 2018 FIFA World Cup or the NBA Finals in Shanghai, reliability in this brand is found in X Factor – entertainment content known worldwide or the Statue of Liberty Foundation in New York!

This is only a small part that serves as a guarantee for the reliability of Led technology represented by Screenz in the domestic market!

Our recommendation when purchasing Led technology is to follow our business motto: “A faulty Led screen is a worse choice than not having one at all.”

Examples of low quality and cheap screens after a few years of being operational, no maintenance or services possible:

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