10 stvari koje morate znati prije kupovine LED zaslona

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Targeted advertising is key to increasing foot traffic for your location and boosting sales.

Many businesses struggle to get results from traditional advertising media like newspaper, radio and television. An outdoor digital sign offers the most cost-effective tool for delivering vibrant, eye-catching advertising to customers.
We will help you make the right decision through our 10 steps:


  1. What is an LED sign?
  2. How does an LED sign work?
  3. Who should consider investing in an LED sign?
  4. How does LED sign advertising compare?
  5. How do I choose the right LED sign?
  6. How much should I budget?
  7. How do I choose a local sign partner?
  8. I’ve chosen a sign company, what’s next?
  9. WhyScreenz?
  10. How do I move forward?



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