is LED iPoster printed Roll Up KILLER ?

LED iPoster vs Roll up

download PDF LED iPOSTER specifications here !

What is an LED Digital Poster?

Display your brand’s advertising messages in a modern, alternative way with this LED Digital

Poster. This crisp, freestanding digital poster is able to play stunning visual displays that draws passing customers and visitors towards your business. An LED display consists of flat panels that uses light-emitting diodes as pixels to create high quality image and video displays that stands out compared to smaller traditional printed signage.

The ultra-thin profile of this digital screen is just 45mm, meaning that it doesn’t need to take up a large amount of space within your business or event. As well as using one screen as a standalone display, you have the option to link up to six screen panels together and display your image or video over a larger total screen size. The almost frameless design of the panels means that your high-quality moving images are able to move seamlessly across multiple screens.

Where can I use an indoor LED poster screen?

The LED screens are ideal for use in many different environments, including retail stores, exhibitions and hotel lobbies. Retail stores could use the LED Digital Poster to display product advertisements as part of a window display to encourage passersby in store. The digital posters would be extremely useful to businesses that use exhibitions to drum up trade, as the impressive stature and brightness of this screen is impossible to ignore.

This modern, multi-functional digital display can be both mounted on a wall or floor standing, using the stands or wall brackets provided.

LED iPoster

How big is this digital poster?

The LED screen measures 64cm wide by 192cm tall, which gives you a huge display area of 1.23m². You can opt to use a single LED poster for a slimline display, or link up to six posters together for a seamless, side-by-side large display. Linking five panels together creates a 16:9 picture ratio. Each indoor LED poster screen has a pixel pitch of 2.5mm to display high quality images and video.

LED iPoster
LED iPoster

As well as using the panels in a portrait orientation, you also have the option to link many screens together in a landscape display, or position your linked screens into any shape you can think of.

How do I use the LED posters?

The LED Poster is compatible with Android, IOS, and PC devices, which allows the display to be controlled over WiFi using the compatible LEDArt app (downloadable from the Apple and Google Play App Stores), and also via your PC or Mac using the HDMI port or a WiFi network. The Digital LED Poster can also be updated using the Plug and Play feature, by simply inserting a USB stick that holds your images or video into the back the unit.

You are able to set password protection for your screens in order to stop customers and visitors from remotely accessing the software used to update the screens.

What file formats do the LED Digital Posters support?

The LED Digital Posters support all major image and video file formats, including JPG, PNG, MP4 and WMV. Please refer to the specification table below for a full list of supported file formats. The screens do not have in-built speakers, however they do have an audio jack port built into the back which allows you to connect your own speakers if required.


How do I install the LED Digital Poster?

The LED Digital Poster is supplied with a stable base, which has wheels attached to allow for easy transportation and movement around your business environment. If you wish to mount your panels onto a wall, then the digital posters also come with a wall bracket for this purpose (screws are not supplied). Each screen comes with a Type EU power plug. If you are using multiple linked units, you will need to plug in each individual unit to the mains.




LED iPoster
LED iPoster



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