LCD screen with an integrated hand sanitizer

Screenz presents a brand new LCD screen on a stand with integrated hand sanitizer

Technical specifications

  • Integrated camera with a thermometre which automatically measures the body temperature
  • Full HD LG LCD 15.6″ or 21.5″ screen
  • Automated hand sanitizer system with 5000ml capacity
  • HD image and video resolution
  • Power consumption at 45W / 60W

Download PDF for more details

Do you have questions about our BRAND NEW Hand sanitizer LCD Display & Kiosks? Check out the FAQ!

Q. What sort of advertising or content can this display handle?
A. Anything: infotainment, educational-based content, videos, commercials and more

Q. Does it offer instructions on proper handwashing techniques?
A. Yes, you can display hand washing techniques, health tips, and best practices.

Q. How can businesses use this display to calm customers nerves and boost sales during these uncertain times?
A. Washing your hands is the number one suggestion for staying safe. By offering free hand sanitizer to the public, customers will openly embrace it and walk-up to the units. While at the units they will see the content playing on the 21.5” or 15.6” screens.

Q. Have you gotten any interest from companies for these displays?
A. Yes! We currently have over 500 units deployed; medical clinics, health clubs, gyms, dental offices, and malls

If this product is of interest, please contact us by telephone or email and we will be very happy to provide a quote.

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